Who do I contact if I have questions regarding the HOA?

Please contact Arrow Realty & Management at 970-867-7816 or contact@arrowrm.com with any HOA questions you may have.  

What kind of curbs will be put in the community?

 The main entrance on the Town of Wiggins' property will have vertical curbs along Johnson, the other streets in Kiowa Park will have rollover curbs.

How will the mailboxes be set up in Kiowa Park?

There will be cluster mail boxes conveniently located throughout the neighborhood, the exact location of the boxes is yet to be determined

by the Wiggins' postal office.

What is the timeline for the Town of Wiggins' amenities to be constructed in Kiowa Park?

All of the town’ s plans are preliminary right now but they are vigorously working on the approvals necessary to get it started. The town is     

estimating a 3-year time line to begin adding the amenities.

What home builders will be building houses in Kiowa Park?

We are currently working with Baessler Homes, 2 Valley Builders, Low Energy Homes, Tru-Grit NoCo and King Family Construction but would love to work with any other builders that are interested in building homes in Kiowa Park. 

What is the timeline for the development in Kiowa Park?

We are currently developing lots going into 2020

How much do home prices start at in Kiowa Park?

Different builders offer different pricing options in Kiowa Park, homes generally range from the 200's to upper 300's, please contact             builders directly from our "meet the builders" page for more details. 

Will there be a model home in Kiowa Park?

Yes, 2 Valley Builders and Baessler Homes and Low Energy Homes (under construction) will have model homes open  in Kiowa Park. 

Will flags be allowed in the community?

Yes, Kiowa Park will allow residents to have free standing and well as mounted flag poles.

Where is the water for Kiowa Park coming from?

Kiowa Park will be tying in to the Town of Wiggins water and sewer systems.

How much will the HOA dues be in Kiowa Park?

 The current HOA dues are $90.00 per year, this covers management, insurance and clean up costs to keep the community beautiful. 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to submit them on the Contact Us page

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